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Mr. Subhash N Shah   Listing Updated on: 29-08-2017
Name : Mr. Subhash N Shah
Age Group : 60-70
Occupation Status : Retired, Coaching for ESL, Coaching for US Citizenship
Current Location
Pennsylvania, United States
Contact Details
Email : shah90k@gmail.com
Name of School City / Town Country Year of
joining school
Year of
leaving school
Rosary High School Vadodara India 1963 1967
College / University / Institution City / Town Country Course / Faculty / Department Year
of passing
Name of Degree Or
Diploma Or Cert
MS University of Baroda Vadodara India Technology 1973 B.E. (Chemical)
Yahan Hai Hum: Message For Friends, Relatives, Classmates & Colleagues All Over The World
I retired in August 2016 after 43 years of working mainly for compliance of US rules and regulations. I am very keen to make friends and contacts and share personal opinions without reservation and with no expectations of financial gain. I can also assist in discussing avenues of research and new ways of crossing tough situations with elevated comfort in times of difficulty by using one's own bank of contacts and/or awareness of one's wide range of resources. I am interested in spiritual and religious literature and US politics - mainly rule compliance. I assist young engineers to secure good jobs and new immigrants to steer their way in. I always like to see others happy and healthy.