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Ms Anjana  Patel   Listing Updated on: 13-02-2020
Name : Ms Anjana  Patel
Occupation Status : Employed
Name of School City / Town Country Year of
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leaving school
Fertilisernagar School Baroda India 1988
Yahan Hai Hum: Message For Friends, Relatives, Classmates & Colleagues All Over The World
My name is Anjana Patel (nick name in school was Anju. Still some friends calls me Anju). I studied in GSFC Nagar school. I was # 1 student in 12th grade with Accounting in whole Baroda City in 1988. It is been 20 years that I live on beautiful Island called - Montreal, Canada. Presently, I work as a Purchasing Assistant and my husband works for Canadian Government. I have two kids. They both study in French Language.
Since, it is been a long time, I would like to get in contact with my friends from Fertilizer Nagar School. (I like to hear from my friends like, Shilpa Oza, Nilima Vyas, Hema Parmar, Daxa, Nisha, Preeti, Nipa, Jagu, Pinky, Tirupati, Meena, Veena, Dipti, Manish Modi, Naresh, Ketan Desai, Ketan Trevedi, Dimpal, Bharat, Harish and many more) Anyone who knows me can get in touch with me can contact me.