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The Baroda Business Directory & Worldwide Directory of Barodians (incorporating Yahan Hai Hum) is designed to easily locate Barodian companies and business establishments and professionals, as well as individual Barodians, in Baroda and throughout the world.

Important Features:

  • The convenient search facility ensures that the complete profile of a business or an individual is available quickly.
  • The listing procedure is simple.
  • There is no charge for individual listings.
  • The charge for business listings is only Rs. 400 or US $10 per year.
  • The search facility is totally free for everyone.

  • Give all the information (school and college days, social life, etc.) that you want to share with friends and relatives all over the world.
  • Give information that is sufficient for friends and relative to quickly locate and contact you anywhere in the world..
  • You will instantly get to know the identity of the persons who are trying to contact you, but your contact information will not be revealed, unless you specify otherwise. You will not be bothered by spam mails or unwanted callers.
  • If you are married you can be listed by your pre-marriage name too.
  • You can add 10 key words (including business, professional or activity categories) to help viewers conveniently search for you.
  • You can edit your listing as often as you want

  • Give a comprehensive decription of your company/institution or business or profession.
  • You can include all your business, manufacturing, trading, professional and service related activities.
  • You can write up to 400 words of description to cover your activities in detail.
  • Comprehensive key words facility allows you to be listed in several categories or activities.
  • You can include an alternative business name too.
  • Facility for complete contact information (including branch offices and their contact persons).
  • Working hours and holidays can also be mentioned.
  • You can edit your listing as often as you want.


Viewers can search on the basis of several parameters, and very quickly too. They do not have to go through too many stages to arrive at the full company or individual profiles.

Viewers can search by:

  • Name of company or professional
  • Name of individual (first name, or last name, or pre-marriage name)
  • City
  • Country
  • Activity (Manufacturer, Trader, Professional, Service Provider, Freelancer, Student, etc.)
  • Product
  • Service
  • Profession
  • Business or profession or service categories
  • Key words
  • Age group (for individuals)